Christian Men’s Forum International is a non-denominational Men’s Fellowship across the world. The International headquarters is at 153 Aba-Owerri road, Abia state. The forum was founded by Bro. Emma Okorie, President, Living Word Ministries and Chancellor, Rhema University and Sis. Chi Emma Okorie, Administrator, Living Word Ministries.


In 1990, the challenges and needs of man as the head of the family came upon the Apostle and President, Living Word Ministries, Bro. Emma Okorie. He spiritually looked at various aspects of man’s life with the view of not only bringing man closer to God but sustaining man in God’s presence. Man’s marriage is one quality that maintains his holiness with God. His priesthood in the family as a training ground for his leadership in the church. His quality Christian life, how he could manifest Christ in his daily life as the author of his life. Man’s attitude to work which borders on his ability to provide for his family (key role of man) lest he becomes an infidel. His romantic life – the juicy aspect of love life in the family. This makes him a family person and not just a tyrant, who scares his people away as soon as they sight him. A day in men’s forum assembly is better than a thousand days spent in other gatherings. CMF is a comprehensive Godly vision for every man.


The primary objective of the Christian Men’s Forum is to build a Godly church of men who do not have fear to interact with each other in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, men who help and promote each other’s interests and business. CMF desires to see a solid company of men that make God’s business their business, healthy and prosperous men of God.


Christian Men’s Forum has a lot of activities and programs aimed at achieving the objectives and vision of God through the apostle, Bro. Emma Okorie. We hold spiritually loaded general converge every second Sunday of the month. Men from different churches of Living Word Ministries and other churches assemble together for the meeting. The undiluted word of God is taught. Men are refreshed and properly directed to God. Micro teachings such as soap making, fish pond, laundry services, snail business, healthy living and a lot of other things are handled by experts in various fields. We hold Good Morning Holy Ghost meetings every Monday morning. Men are refreshed, equipped, and receive proper direction from God for the week

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