Lucifer was the greatest worship leader God made by Himself, to worship Him.  He had him wired with inherent qualities that would make for excellence in his function as a worship leader. (Ezek 28:12-15 [NKJ]).

These Qualities include:

  • Perfection: he was a symbol of perfection.  Created to be perfect to worship God.
  • Wisdom: he was full of wisdom; there was no foolishness in him
  • Beauty: he was beautiful inside-out.
  • Abiding in the Lord’s Garden: he was constantly dwelling in the Presence of God.
  • Decorated with every precious stone as a covering: there was no carnality in him.
  • Anointed, Glorious, Holy: he was Holy Ghost-filled and led.
  • God set his job description: so God sets what every leader should do.
  • Hearing direct from God: He was so close to hear the voice of God in the Holy Mountain of God.
  • He walked up and down in the midst of fiery stones: he was always shining, bright and stainless.
  • Purity: There was no sin in him or around him.

If God set the standard of Lucifer so high, God’s standard of worship leading has not changed, even today.
The revelation David had to bring back the Ark of God from the Philistines in 1Chronicles 15:1-29 brings all of us to where worship should be in this dispensation.

David prophetically by-passed the Tabernacle of Moses and went directly into the Holy of Holies through revelation.  Therefore any true worship should be prophetic because David gathered all Israel and her leaders to consecrate themselves because there was a set order.  The Priests were the only ones qualified to carry the Ark.

David chose singers and instrumentalists that played as Minstrels and singers who were psalmists.
Psalmists and Minstrels are prophetic worshippers who are called, appointed and anointed.
Worshippers should be born-again and Holy Ghost-filled.  These are such that love the Lord and His Word.
God is a Spirit and they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  Therefore the Worship of God should be purely spiritual and not carnal or entertaining.

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